Northern CA YPAA Meetings

This page is dedicated to the YPAAs of Northern California that do not have their own websites!

If you know of a meeting in any of these areas that isn’t on this list,
please email
Thank you!

Mendocino County

City Day Time Name Location
Ukiah Wed 6:45pm Young & Restless Group 810 N. State Street
Fort Bragg Fri 9:00pm Mendocino Young People in AA Pacific Home Group:32341 N. Harbor Drive
(in Noyo Harbor, next to the Mayan Fusion Restraunt)

Humboldt County

City Day Time Name Location
Arcata Saturday 10:00pm Young and Restless 1761 11th Street
(Methodist Church)
Eureka Sunday 6:30pm Where The Wild Things Are 7th & K Street

Butte County

 City   Day   Time Name Location
  Chico    Friday     7:30pm                  Young People’s                295 E. Washington – church

Napa County

City Day Time Name Location
  Napa     Wednesday    7:30pm Never Too Young (Speaker / Discussion)            535 Coombsville Road

Lake County

(Currently unsupported)

Del Norte County

(Currently unsupported)

Siskiyou County

(Currently unsupported)

Trinity County

(Currently unsupported)

Tehama County

(Currently unsupported)

Glenn County*

(Currently unsupported)

Colusa County*

(Currently unsupported)

*Glenn County has one meeting a day and Colusa County has 3 meetings a week.