Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions Page!

  • What is SOCYPAA?

SOCYPAA stands for Sonoma County Young Peoples in Alcoholics Anonymous. We are a service organization that creates events for young and young at heart individuals in our area to show that there is fun to be had in sobriety.

  • How do I become a member of SOCYPAA?

Anyone who attends two consecutive business meetings may be considered a member of SOCYPAA.

  • Is there a sobriety requirement to join the SOCYPAA committee or attend our events?

No! Anyone who has the desire to join our committee or attend our events may do so!

  • Am I too old for SOCYPAA/YPAA?

Anyone who has a desire to have fun may come to one of our events or be a part of our committee. There are no age limits.

  • I am moving or I am from out of town, is there a YPAA for my area?

If it is in California check our CA YPAA page. For all other areas,  you may email us at: info@socypaa.org

  • What’s a “suggested contribution”?

A suggested contribution is a set amount we decided would be an appropriate donation for the event. It is not necessary that you donate, especially the newcomer, but it is highly appreciated.

  • What does the “suggested contribution” pay for?

The “suggested contribution” pays for every aspect of our committee that is needed to function as a whole which includes: rent of facilities, food and drinks at the events, our website domain, our PO Box, fliers, and literature. All money made the exceeds our operating expenses are distributed to World and Local Services.

  • Does SOCYPAA host young people’s meetings?

No. SOCYPAA specifically hosts events, which includes a meeting prior to or after the individual event, but members of SOCYPAA regularly attend meetings as members of Alcoholics Anonymous. There are, however, YPAA meetings, which are “young people in Alocholic’s Anonymous” meetings. These meetings are not affiliated with SOCYPAA. There is a list of local YPAA meetings here.

ACYPAA stands for All California Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous. It is a yearly round up of all of the young people in AA. It is truly something you wouldn’t want to miss!

  • What does it mean to “bid” for ACYPAA?

Every year, most of the YPAA’s in the state “bid” for ACYPAA. These bids consist of our plan  for what we would do if we won ACYPAA, such as the hotel and convention center we would host it in.

  • Do I have to be a member of SOCYPAA to attend events?

Heck no, Techno!! Anyone can attend our events! You can even bring your kids! (Although, the occasional event will not be child-friendly, but that will be heavily advertised).

  • Is there some sort of orientation for new members?

Yes! Come to our business meeting 15 minutes early (7 pm) to get the low-down on what we do and what you can do to get involved!

  • Do I have to be a SOCYPAA member to vote in business meetings?

Yes. Only people who have attended two consecutive business meetings and want to be a part of our committee may vote at our business meetings.

  • What are the perks of being a SOCYPAA member?

The biggest reward for being a SOCYPAA member is being granted with the ability to show the newcomer what was given to you. Or being of service, for short.

  • How can I be of service to SOCYPAA?

Whether you’re a member or not, we could always use help at our events. Or just bringing a newcomer would suffice.